what to do with my hair for a wedding?

i have really pretty blond curly waist length hair. i want to do something different but really pretty with my hair. im tired of wearing it in french braids and knots and buns. i dont want to look too old but i do want to look a little bit older. do you know any good hair styles that woruld work with me. the wedding is next saturday and its outside. im wearing a pink shirt and a brown skirt with heels. i just am at a loss with what to do with my hair. if anyone has any ideas about what to do with it i would appreciate it.

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2 Responses to what to do with my hair for a wedding?

  1. ~>~>MARiE<~<~ says:

    straighten it :]
    or put moose in it and clip one side with a pretty burette and leave it long and wavy
    i was a bridesmaid for my sisters wedding and i left it long and wavy it was pretty.

  2. HeartofFire says:

    How about something a bit blown out with large, loose waves:


    You could always add a flower or a sparkly clip to your hair.

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