what to do with my hair for a wedding?

i have really pretty blond curly waist length hair. i want to do something different but really pretty with my hair. im tired of wearing it in french braids and knots and buns. i dont want to look too old (im 15)but i do want to look a little bit older. do you know any good hair styles that woruld work with me. the wedding is next saturday and its outside. im wearing a pink shirt and a brown skirt with heels. i just am at a loss with what to do with my hair. if anyone has any ideas about what to do with it i would appreciate it.

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  1. lifeisgood says:

    A french twist would be pretty. Maybe add some classic barrettes or clips like this one has: https://www.romance-fire.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/09/00d2_primary.jpg

    It could be easily done with curly hair. Just let your hair air dry with some sort of "smoothing serum" and then pull it back into a twist. If you’ve never done it before, take a look at this page:

    It would look very elegant and sophisticated, especially for someone your age. Like I said, make it a bit "younger" with some dressy clips or accessories like in the first picture. Have fun!

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