What to do with straight hair for prom?

My hair is just past my shoulders, quite layered and dark brown. Please don’t suggest curling it, as, despite many attempts, it WILL NOT hold a curl =(
Could you give me some advice on a up-doplease because i have no idea what to do and prom is only a month away! Thank you

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3 Responses to What to do with straight hair for prom?

  1. Avangelene says:

    you could do an up do
    search up bubz beauty on youtube and seach for an updo by her she is amazin
    you could do half up and half down with a bit of a twist it hard to tell u over computer my biggest advice is
    tube it ( you tube)
    good luck have a good time at prom šŸ™‚

  2. Riya Sahil** says:

    How about something like a twisty side pony tail with a preety hairband or flower for the touch
    check out some youtube videos or go for something formal likea side bun or a poof .. POOFS ARE SOO IN

  3. Noelle.ā™„ says:

    you can try doing the half up half down hairstyle.(:

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