what would be a good color/hair cut for me?

on the chart what color would be good and i want to get this hair cut

and heres me:

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  1. *NoCtUrNal SuNsHiNe* says:

    Glazed Strawberry and Ginger Blonde
    It would look good on you with your skin tone 🙂

    Btw I love your eyes

  2. Peaceoutgirlscout says:


  3. basketball says:

    you dont need A haircut you need a paper bag

  4. Alexis says:

    glazed strawberry with layers

  5. Sarah, is living life! says:

    I say you dye it either chestnut or dark copper. The darker colors will make your blue eyes pop more and make it just be a main attraction. Then I say you razor your hair and layer it. But don’t get it razor-ed too crazy because that would take away a little bit from your eyes. Then I say you cut you bangs across your forehead but don’t keep it across your forehead make them so you can side sweep them.

    The Razoring and the layering will make your hair pop too. The layering will also help if you want to by chance curl your hair and it will give you hair more volume and life. Then the bangs are in style and will help you a lot.

    Also, look into a hair straightener. But if you do dye your hair keep the hair straightener on a low setting so it will not fry your hair. Also, use heat protect-ant. So you don’t murder your hair.

    Trust me on this. I have brown hair and I have it layered and razor-ed and it is absolutely wonderful and I can do a lot with it.

    Post pics if you do this!


  6. ZHK says:

    Dark Chocolate or Golden walnut

  7. Nolan S says:

    do the second link. that would look really i think

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