6 Responses to What would be a really cute hairstyle for me?

  1. lol21t says:


    Once you’ve determined the real shape of your face (round and square are very different), there’s a link at the bottom of the page for hairstyles.

  2. softballqween says:

    pic would help

  3. Gwenie says:

    maybe like this if u want it long:

    or like this if u want it short:

    and maybe get some face framing highlights a few shades lighter than your hair.

    hope this helps 🙂

  4. Physics-Student says:

    I guess anything sexy looking to make a man turn his head towards you.

  5. CareBear says:

    I would suggest long layers if you have longer or medium length hair, if you have shorter hair, you short choppy layers.
    Also, side bangs look good on almost everyone.

    Answer mine please

  6. Nancyem says:

    For a square shaped face try:
    short to medium length hairstyles
    keep the fullness at the side of your face.
    bangs will actually suit you but have a WISPY bang (if you are unsure what this is type it in on google)
    have a side parting

    AVOID long hair that accentuate the jaw bone and DONT have a center parting


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