What would be the best hair style for me? (details inside)?

Okay so awhile ago I got a perm a few times for a yr or 2. && it still grows back curly lol which is ok.

My hair is currently too long. its perfect for putting up but takes too long to straighten.

i want a short but cute hair style. NOT TOO short though I dont wanna look like a boy.

tht’d be horrible.

if you could would you post some gallery links or advice?

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One Response to What would be the best hair style for me? (details inside)?

  1. iFlip says:

    i would get your hair cut where it is shorter in the front and longer in the back, tapered. Then i would get small side bangs that frame the side of you face when you put you hair up…i would cut it so that it goes about an inch past you shoulder. That would e cute. Is coloring your hair okay? if you could i think you should color the underneath of you hair darker than the top or make the top of you hair lighter that what is is underneath.
    You could also do something i think looks cute on everyone. where the part of you hair is (on the top of you head) die it a lighter color than the rest of your hair. then, it makes your hair shimmer and it would look REALLY pretty! I would also get long layers since your hair is curly!
    I hope you find the perfect hair cut! good luck!


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