What would be the best wedding hair style for me?

I usually wear my hair up in a ponytail because I can’t stand for my hair to me in the way. My face is round and my dress is strapless. I want something natural looking but all I can find is the glamourous look.

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4 Responses to What would be the best wedding hair style for me?

  1. B.Lieve says:

    if your looking for a cute hairstyle to try out these tutorials. they are awesome. ;D


  2. Harper says:

    I think the best hairdo for any kind of strapless dress is an updo, maybe a really classic looking bun? or half up half down. Both styles look so beautiful and they both end up with your hair out of your face!

  3. kmom77 says:

    you could pull it back like a ponytail and make your ponytail into small curls and put two curls in front to frame your face.

  4. dailymakeover1 says:

    Updo’s, half-up hairstyles or all down hairstyles can all look great with a strapless dress. Make sure to experiment with all of them. If you have bangs, sweep them gently to one side. Visit our Wedding Feature for more tips and ideas. You can try on different hairstyles and read great articles to plan for your special day!


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