What would you call this hairstyle?

I want this hairstyle for my little boy: https://www.flickr.com/photos/39579675@N05/?saved=1

What would you call that? & Also how old do you think that child is, because my son is 6 so he’s older. I’m not sure if that’s too young for him.

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4 Responses to What would you call this hairstyle?

  1. ThomasF says:

    Child Abuse

  2. Brooke A says:

    no its cute.
    just bring the picture to the stylist.
    theres no name im sure of

  3. PopularAznjudochic says:

    um…..like someone kid’s mom hates him

  4. DancinSmartee says:

    Im not sure what the style would be other that an ear length curly cut. Its very cute and I think its appropriate for a 6 year old. If you would like to tell your hairstylist how you want his hair just show her the picture and she or he will be able to figure it out. Hope this helps!!!

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