2 Responses to What's the best hairstyle to detract from a slight double chin?

  1. omg.its.jlo says:

    Really, anything longer than chin-length, unless you want to go for a short spiky look, but few people can pull that off… Whatever you do, DONT make it a bunt cut at your chin!

    I think a soft layered shoulder-length cut is the best. This way you are drawing the attention away from your chin and to your shoulders. You could also get some side-swept bangs if you wanted..

    Selena gomez sports this look very well:

    I wouldnt advise going too long because because that wouldnt really "detract" from your chin. Whatever style you choose, have fun with it and be confident! Best of luck 🙂

  2. GELli Roll says:

    Keep your hair up and don’t do parts in the middle of your head when you part your hair down the middle the hair comes around your face and makes your face look fatter and rounder

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