What's the best way to make my long straight hair look like the hairstyles in these pictures for my wedding?

CURLING STRAIGHT HAIR AND IT HOLDING THE CURL FOR SEVERAL HOURS? My wedding is in July and I want to wear my hair half-up/ half-down and really wavy like the pics. My main question is how do I make my hair curl the best and HOLD the curl for several hours?

Also, my elbow-length veil will start at the top of the back of my head and will not cover my face.
What do I need to use to pull my hair half-up that won’t be too much in the way of the comb on my veil (or whatever it’s called that holds the veil on)?

Here’s the pics:



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6 Responses to What's the best way to make my long straight hair look like the hairstyles in these pictures for my wedding?

  1. Tapioca says:

    Sweetie, this is the most important day of your life. Go to a salon. They’ll know what to do.

  2. citystepper says:

    I reccommend seeing your hairstylist. Good Luck!

  3. aly says:

    You will need to use lots of products to ensure that the style will stay all day. Start with a curl enhancing shampoo and conditiner- I know Cat Walk by Tigi makes a pretty good one but I’m sure there are others too. Then use a curl enhancing pre blow dry treatment, I’m not sure the exact name for this product but I know it exists as I’ve used something like that before. If you are curling your hair yourself (which I wouldn’t reccomend) you need to seperate it into different sections. About 8 sections all around your head and curl each section at a time- seperating each of those sections into about one inch pieces of hair. Spray each curl with hair spray while it is still on the curling iron. Kenra makes an awesome hair spray, I highly reccomend using that. Make sure as you are curling to wrap your hair up and down the entire barell of the curling iron- not just on top if itself in one spot. This makes the curls fall better. Once you are done spray all of it again with the hair spray to set it. I really think you should get this done professionally. If you bring those pictures to a good hair stylist they will be able to do exactly what you want and will know what products are perfect for your hair to make it stay all day. Good luck! I hope your hair looks great for your big day! Congratulations = )

  4. hannah says:

    the best way is by getting a haircut. layered maybe?

  5. lord vader says:

    You might want to start using a curling shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in hair product and use them daily for a wee or two before the wedding. If your hair is really limp and flat, you might want to try Sunsilk’s line of anti-flat shampoo, conditioner, and 24/7 creme. Garnier Fructis is also a good company. Try their curl & shine shampoo and conditioner (plus other leave in products). Finally, Tre Semme, Thermasilk, and Pantene are good companies. Well, these are all brands that I’ve experienced with and they’ve proven to work. I don’t know about others.

    Get a professional stylist before your wedding. They can be expensive, but, hey, it’s your big day! If you’d rather do it yourself, use extra-strong hot rollers to curl your hair. When you take them out, flip your hair over and put extra-strong hairspray in. That should work.

    Good luck!

  6. Helpmeee says:

    Use hairspray to make it hold, and talk to a hair stylist and ask what is a good curling iron to use. You could also try bringing these pics to a beauty salon and tell them everything you just told us….

    you may want to go to the salon a week or two before your wedding to try them out because you dont want any mistakes at the last minute, and then not be able to fix them!

    Good luck and congrats on your engagement!!!

    (I think you should go with either picture of Carrie Underwood, I like them best for a wedding!!!!

    Oh, and those are really pretty, but if they dont work out, tryt an updo, (make sure you test them ahead of time) remember, the wedding’s in JULY!!!

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