2 Responses to When i call the african what do i Say this hairstyle is https://www.flickr.com/photos/barryatkins/474332135/?

  1. kangol'N'curls says:

    Cute hairstyle. Don’t tell them to do it tight because braids that are too tight can damage your hairline and thin out your hair if they’re left in too long. There’s a reason why you sometimes see women who wear braids regularly with hairlines further back than it should be and that’s because the braids are too tight and it’s thinning out their hairline which is causing breakage and hairloss.

    If you want them to last then tell the stylist to add a soft gel or beeswax as she’s braiding and this will help them last a few weeks. Also, old school braiders will take a lighter and burn away the flyways in the braids, don’t let her do that because she’ll be f*cking up your hair, and it’ll be your real hair that she’s burning.

  2. JayBraze says:

    Ask them to do it tight if they can so you can have them in longer.

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