5 Responses to Where can I find a pretty, yet sexy, hair style for my wedding day?

  1. meljdavis05 says:

    Buy wedding magazines or go to http://www.theknot.com.

  2. moodmusichoney says:

    Go through the bridal magazines for ideas. They are using top notched professionals to show brides to be all the current ideas for all hair types and lengths…and you’ll get to see them with the head dresses in place.

  3. Portuguesaaa says:

    go to ur hairdressers ask them to borrow some book they have amazing book ive looked at them a million times even though im only 15 i still dream about my wedding day trust me they are there theres so many book full of wedding up-do’s

  4. lAxChiiC312 says:

    go through some teen magazines… they usually have a lot about hair [seventeen, elle, cosmogirl, etc] and cut them out. Then, ask a hair stylist [at a salon] to see if she can make it look like it.. that’s what I did for my Sweet 16 and it looked amazing… good luck and congratulations!

  5. chilixa says:

    I’d stay close to the style you’re used to wearing, so there won’t be surprises. Then I’d find really beautiful flowers or headpiece that fits with that style and color.

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