where can I find a website with funky (but not too funky), unique hair colors and cuts?

Basically what I am looking for are pics of two-tone highlights (blonde/red, blonde/purple…) and great cuts to compliment the colors. I dont want anything insane like blue or green or some really ridiculous cut. Here is a pic of something similar I have had in the past. Hope you can see it…


Stuff like this is hard to find. I’ve spent numerous hours googling different combinations of words to filter pics I might like, but all that comes up are boring celebrity cuts, lame 80s/90s styles, and ridiculous dreads and mohawks. Currently my hair is dark brown with blonde highlights and about 5 in. past shoulders…really typical and boring for me. Please Help!

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3 Responses to where can I find a website with funky (but not too funky), unique hair colors and cuts?

  1. Nicole says:

    on the boss site the picture changes when you hover over the pic you like.
    I know what you mean there are not many sites that show colouring just hairstyles

    here are some others in case there are anything there some are quite good, we get a lot of pic brought in from the above two sites to get the same cuts/colours etc

  2. iheartlaura says:

    myspace hairstyle groups

    lots of user pics to look at

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