3 Responses to Where can I find free instructions for hairstyles?

  1. unicorn19276 says:

    go and buy some hairstyle magazines theyusually have styles and hints on how to acheive them

  2. gettingremarried says:

    There is a really cool tool that you can use online to actually try on hairstyles for your wedding updos, or for any day really. You upload a photo of yourself and try on hairstyles. Theres a ton of them availble too. There are a couple of other ebooks on the subject too. Just make sure you try these well before the wedding day so you’re confidant. Enjoy!

  3. Toni_busy says:

    Go to the local "beauty school". Possibly you can watch as students learn "up-do’s". Possibly you can have your bridal party schedule their up-do’s there as well…prices are SUPER reasonable!

    Have fun and good luck!

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