Where can I find ideas for a new haircut / hairstyle?

Is there any kind of website where you can upload your photo and try on different haircuts / hairstyles. I got a BAD haircut a few months back and I’m hopefully getting it fixed tomorrow, but I need some ideas. I know I don’t want it short, other than that I’m just not sure. Thanks for any help or ideas!

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  1. Steve says:

    If you are trying to get a haircut that fits a certain social group (emo, scene, etc) I would suggest just googling it to get a good idea. You could also ask your hair stylist what they reccomend, since they see what every hairstyle looks like on many different people, they probably would no what would best compliment your facial features.

  2. Griffin says:


  3. Kayti says:

    I always just look up google.com/images. make sure it’s set to safe search though, all kinds of weird things pop up.

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