6 Responses to where can I find photos of hairstyles from the twenties?

  1. Write Around The Bend says:

    Google images

  2. vassar7 says:

    go into a search engine and type hair styles of the 20’s….that should work

  3. shamim_phil says:


  4. beauty queen says:

    (hair styles from twenties pictures )just type this in google u will find looot of sites,i just saw them they r cool.FOr example there was something called folica.com i guess
    all the best

  5. paigeparker3 says:

    Alot of the "flapper" styles included finger waves or ultra-short bobs. (think cheek-bone length) This site had a couple good pictures. Hope that helped!

  6. wytchesbrew59 says:

    real good website, lots of info.


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