2 Responses to Where can I get free hairstyles for my sims 3!?

  1. mylilsims says:

    There are Many sites offering hair for Sims 3
    Mod the Sims has a good bit

    Also I see above The Sims Resource is mentioned PLEASE use Caution on that site they have been found to have Malware in their files in the past and also share peoples information It also is a pay Site
    Also if you check the update sites you can see what sites have new things
    They have a thread of updates here

    Also a thread here You must join but is a great forum


    You Need to know that you need special Framework to make Custom items show up.

    Also Rose Sims and Peggy Sims has some free and if you want the Pay hair from those sites go to the Booty

    Email in my profile if you need help
    I only pay for content when I am sharing it with others.
    Both for Sims 2 and Sims 3

  2. Nikki says:

    It’s still mainly a sims 2 site but she’s starting to add sims 3 stuff.


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