Where do I get flowers for my hair on my wedding day?

I don’t want real flowers, have a feeling it’ll cost a ton and my florist is already taking all of my money…lol. Where can I get fake orchids that look real enough to put in my hair? I thought of Michaels’ but they might be too large. Any ideas, websites, etc.?
Also, do I have to already have those flowers for my hair trial next week, or will just the veil be enough?

Emily R, I disagree. The well-made ones don’t look fake, and I think it would be much easier to prepare if I had a fake flower all ready, than have to worry about a real one wilting before I even get to the ceremony!

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  1. fizzygurrl1980 says:

    I got these adorable little daisy hair clips off a website, but they look really easy to make- seems like they just took artificial flowers and hot-glued them onto plain hair clips. You’re right- you can get the components you need at MIchaels. They won’t be too large if you go there and look for the exact right ones. Plus, you’ll save a fortune. The cost of a few artificial orchids, a pack of plain hair clips, and some hot glue cartridges is probably about $7. I paid $17.50 for my daisy clips online, after shipping and handling. I love them, but now I see I could have made them myself.

    And you don’t absolutely need the flowers for the hair trial, but you should bring some clips with you as sort of placeholders, just so the stylist can get a good idea of where the flower clips should be placed.

  2. Emily R says:

    Honestly it will be cheaper to buy one real Orchid than if you buy one fake one. Seriously. And then you could pick out the right (real) one that would fit into your design better. Or you could always go to another florist and just buy one individual one, that way your florist wouldn’t add it onto your tab and perhaps over charge you for the additional flower.

    I think that if you look back to your wedding and pictures, you could tell that was a fake flower in your hair from a mile away. 🙂

  3. SHA!NA says:

    Talk to your hair stylist 🙂

    I know when I had my hair done for prom, they had an assortment of pins/jewels/flowers. She may have just what you are looking for and if not she may able to better direct you to a place where you can buy them.

    You could try etsy.com.

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