Which hair style do you think is the best?

Ok i’m planning on getting a haircut but I can’t decide how to cut it. My hair is about 2in. past my shoulders and is straight. I’m looking for an easy hairstyle that won’t take a lot of time to fix in the morning. But it also has to be really pretty. These are my favorite hairstyles that ive found. Oh yeah if you could also explain why its your favorite would be great too.


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8 Responses to Which hair style do you think is the best?

  1. shermiegyrl says:

    Except for colour, they all look pretty much the same. They are all long, layered dos that are blown dry then flat ironed straight. Or a larg barrel curling iron used to give some curl.

    I noticed in that last pic that her hair was very damaged from colouring and flat iron use. Something to think about. If you don’t have naturally poker straight hair, that do will take a lot of time and work to upkeep.

    But it is a pretty look, if that is what you want. 🙂

  2. susan says:

    they’re not that different from each other.

    im only attracted to the third one because i love the color combo, though.

  3. falguni_nandu says:

    you can keep ur hair open by ironing it by applying mouse and with the help of ironing machine
    or u could do a french roll and decorate it with fresh flowers

  4. sarabear says:

    they are all really cute hairstyles

  5. Emilie E says:

    i think the second or the third ones are the cutest…but it depends on personal style

  6. lives2eatchocolate says:

    to me, the 3rd one is definitely the best. it’s soo beautiful: long, rich, luxurious, and the layers are gorgeous!! i’d definitely suggest that one <3

  7. Jungleleah says:

    I would suggest a body wave using medium to large rods(rod size is determined by the length,thickness and condition of your hair)it looks good and there are several quick and easy ways to style it.Whatever it is you finlay decide on I would suggest finding a site where you can use a photo of yourself and try on diffrent hairstyles.I hope you find what looking for.

  8. kdrocks says:

    i like to have my hair up in a ponytail!!

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