20 Responses to Which hairstyle do you like more?

  1. a girl :] says:


    I would definetly say the first one..Its reallllyy pretty.


  2. RAWRZY says:

    YES YES YES NUMBER 1!!! AS IS!!!!!

  3. lilmissyanni says:

    the first one!! =]

  4. narutosangelz says:

    the first one looks nice

  5. Orinoco says:

    1st one is awesome

  6. cherstinn :]] says:


  7. Aly says:

    it would be easier to decide if i could see your face, but i deff like the first one more.

  8. Courtney F says:

    The second one would look amazing with black hair! Even if you put a little volume in it too!

    answer mine?


  9. Gangsta Gangsta says:

    the first one it shuld look fine with black hair

  10. Sarah says:

    I love the first one.

  11. rheannayurch40 says:

    i would prolly have to pick the first one becuz i dont kno what you really look like and im not relly liking the second website

  12. La Fleur Noire says:

    The first one looks more stylish.
    Second one looks like what my teachers would wear.

    So first one on my opinion.

    Edit : You can also fuse them together, get the layers of the first one and the bangs of the second one if you like.

  13. POLO!!! says:

    the 1st one with the side bangs nut a little shorter. both are kinda boring but the 1st ones the best out of the 2

  14. H♥♫☼♣ says:

    The first one.
    Its more chic, and less outdated than number two.
    Plus, it can look preppy and skater at the same time. I LOVEEE it.

  15. oreos<3 says:

    the first one is way better
    well actually how old r u?
    if ur older than 25 the second one is better

  16. BIsexy16 says:

    depending on what your style is and what you look like it would be easier to answer that question. if your looking for a punkish style i guess you could say this would fit you. or if your looking for something a little classy and girly id go with hair style number 2.

  17. Jess says:

    umm first one totaly sexiii!!
    but you should put a purple streak on the side with no bangs if you have brown hair liek that.

  18. tinkerbell says:

    i luv the first one has definition and style. the other one looks plain and dull. you should try the first one.

  19. Jessica B says:


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