which hairstyle looks best on me? photos are included?

this is how i look :

here is one hairstyle i like:

heres the other:

or if u have any other opinions please tell me
thanks =)
thanks for helping me
choose =)

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35 Responses to which hairstyle looks best on me? photos are included?

  1. Ashleyy says:

    Which one do YOU think looks better on you?
    Why asks for other people’s opinions if it’s YOUR head.
    Not there’s.

  2. Hannah says:

    the last 1

  3. Rosie ♥ says:

    arggh the top pic scares me

  4. Cee says:

    the second one if u straighten ur hair.

  5. guyanesebabi says:

    I think the second hair cut would look
    really good on you.

  6. Kimberly says:

    the last one for sure. your a very pretty girl:)

  7. Rocker Chick says:

    Noth of the hairstyles you like are pretty. You might also wanna try some loose curls. You hair is also very pretty the way it is.

  8. reader.writer1 says:

    The second one I think…

  9. Ali says:

    i like the 2nd one a lot, it would look great on you =)

  10. Sandra Lee R says:

    the third one

  11. gerbilsareqt says:

    the second

  12. chobalobba says:

    i like the 2nd one,, it would look nice on your hair with some bronze or red streaks.

  13. Irenka D says:

    SECOND ONE! since u have dark hair, it’ll even look bettah if u got a tan

  14. Kathy<3 says:

    i’d have to say the last one

  15. Lovely <3 says:

    definitely the 2nd by a mile

  16. Asia B says:

    go with the second one. you look good with dark hair.

  17. Someone says:

    You look fine as you are.

  18. melmel says:

    go short, get a choppy bob or something

  19. Tammy C says:

    hi i think your hairstyle is very nice already but if your definatly set on changin it the last one
    hope it helps 🙂

  20. Cayla L says:

    I like the last one the best for your face shape.
    And for another opinion, don’t change your hair color..I like it.
    And you are very pretty just to let you know!
    Good Luck On Your New Hairstyle!
    I hope it comes out just the way you wanted it too!

    Have A Good Evening.

  21. frankie.frajor says:

    the last one:]]]

  22. Ihave Noname says:

    the third one looks best. it’s cute & stylish!

  23. PinkGurl15 says:

    I thingk the second one looks better 😀 Hope it helps!!

  24. Pennelope C says:

    Last Photo

  25. Gohar G says:

    i like the second i think it would be perfect!!!!!!!

  26. Jordan says:

    I think you should stick 2 curling ur hair its pretty like that, but if u do want to straighten it the 2nd one is better

  27. memyselfandI says:

    I like the last one…the darker hair always brings out the beauty.

  28. sambetr says:

    first your very cute
    im a guy and well they look the same to me
    but i see what your going for that choppy look and my lil sis got that and many girls in my office do to… i like it
    go for it !!!

  29. mickeydoodle11 says:

    i think the 2nd one would go best with ur face shape
    and if u want to c the hair styles on u. u can go to google and search for a website that has different hairstyles on it that u can put on ur pic its not that hard 2 find websites like that

  30. ASHLEY says:

    i think you’d look really great with this hairstyle:

    if you don’t like that then the 2nd one of your choices 🙂

  31. gemlover24 says:

    cute…..almost the same do….how about cutting a straight bangs.

  32. B R N says:

    I think the second one (Selena Gomez) is the best hairstyle for you.

  33. alan says:

    the second one because it
    looks more mature
    i dont like the first one
    because its king of messy
    and the last one looks
    like a little girl

  34. Kate (gnostic!) says:

    the second style would look really good on you!

  35. mamma says:

    basically the same idea long with layers, nothing great, maybe go alittle shorter.

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