4 Responses to Who should do my hair for my wedding day?

  1. Deanri says:

    Go by a few salons in your area and talk to them. Ask them if they do a lot of weddings and see what the pricing is. Show them a picture of the style you like and discuss what you will want the day of. If you like them, then schedule a consultation. You will only want to do this with 1 or 2 because they will charge you. Have them do your style and see who you like best.

  2. Pax says:

    Yes, call some of your local salons, or get recommendations from family or friends to find out where they go. Go and have a trial hair style done so that you can work out any kinks in the styling so that you are not disappointed on your big day!

  3. Jane G says:

    before you have your wedding day, try out a couple of salons. if you have a trusted hair stylist, ask him/her to do a wedding style for you, if they can’t or don’t do wedding styles, ask if they can recommend a stylist who can. do several trial runs. you don’t want to wait until the day of your wedding only to find out that you hate your hairstyle.

  4. lopezv628 says:

    Bridal shows are very helpful for almost anything. You can get a feel of different stylist and some of them will even showcase models with freshly made hair does. I live in CT, and they always have bridal conventions. That’s where I found my person. She actually comes to your house the day of. They also do a trial run. Another tip… ask anyone and everyone for good salons in the area.

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