Why do i look so ugly in photos?

I’m a guy and when i take a look at the mirror i’m pleased what i see. I have this Joe Jonas kinda hairstyle but in photos i look so ugly and different. I get this mean look on my face. Do other people also see me like that? Maybe i am just ugly then and only look good in front of the mirror when my face isn’t flipped.

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17 Responses to Why do i look so ugly in photos?

  1. uluchay says:

    It’s something like an optical illusion, nearly no one looks good in photos, the cameras capture images a little bit different than the human eye. In fact, your face in the photos is the real thing and the face in the mirror is an illusion. Human eye can’t focus on an area as large as the face, so everytime you look at yourself you focus on a different part of your face. You have two eyes which makes you able to see in 3d, the camera doesn’t and it’s 2d, so everyone’s face looks a little flat on photos.

    Don’t worry though, other people see you as you see yourself in the mirror.

  2. JackFruit. says:

    o lord…

    and insecure guy.

    seriously go play soccer and build ur self esteem and stop worrying about what u look like.

  3. Crown says:

    Maybe its the lighting.

  4. max t says:

    maybe your just not camera friendly

  5. ozzy ツ says:

    Blame the camera that’s what I do. Your not ugly but maybe change the setting around on the camera maybe you have them on a setting where it doesn’t show yourself up well.

  6. RyDO says:

    my friend jake says your a homo

  7. ♥.kayla.♥ says:

    wtf same thing happenes to me!! it suxx…idrk why it does tht

  8. napalai says:

    I used to have the same problem…
    Try to find your best photo acting and keep using that act.
    There must be one

  9. dazzling734501 says:

    I have the same problem

  10. Shahar says:

    You’re probably just not photogenic, many people are – it means that you’re not good looking in photos but generally you are.

  11. Mikayla :D says:

    Some people aren’t Photogenic. I don’t know why this happens. The camera likes some people but others don’t. Try taking a picture with the web cam maybe that will work. Or a picture phone. Try different cameras and find which one you like :]

    Answer mine? 😀

  12. hohoho says:

    this only means one thing one thing YOUR REALLY UGLY

  13. Minnimouse says:

    Do you look better when you are caught out without you knowing (like someone takes a picture of you but you don’t realise) and look worse when you are trying to pose?

    Could just be that you have a forced look on your face when you try to pose. I found when I smiled broadly it came out really badly on camera, lol I did some practicing and now look at the camera in a shy/friendly manner with a closed mouth. Another tactic is not actually look at the camera. Even if you are the only one not looking it’s better if you look good. Maybe look at something or someone in the background and smile at them instead of at the camera.

  14. RockStar says:

    your just not Photogenic, doesnt mean your ugly.
    I know this hott guy but it pictures he doesnt look like an attractive person at all!

  15. Cheesy C says:

    take a dump, you’ll feel much better

  16. fuji says:

    im sure u look great but ur overreacting 🙂
    help me with mine please!!

  17. Steffie says:

    Your probably not photogenic which happens to a lot of people. You look great in person but a soon as the camera goes click the picture looks weird. Just practice making faces in the mirror so that when you have to take a photo. And don’t over think your facial expressions because that just makes it worse.

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