6 Responses to Will i be able to put my hair in a pony tail?

  1. Ms. says:

    yes but it will be a small one and you will need a lot of bobbi pins for the front. sorry.. but the style is PRETTY!!! :o)

  2. matthies_horse911 says:

    If you have the face to go with that hairstyle, its really cute!

    Yes, you would be, but you would need lots of pins for the shorter layers.

  3. SmartestBRUNETTEYou'llEverMe says:

    very cute. and ya u should be able to

  4. faithggm182 says:

    yes u will…nd it wont be short,itll be just da right length

  5. Dulceyda says:

    Hair style is toatlly cute!!!!! but yes you can put it into a ponytail but you should maybe us gell if you dont want to use clips or bobby pins to pull your hair back easier. But totally cute. If you do use gell use hearbal essences gell or garnier fruitis or panteen. Hearbeal is so better

  6. TayHamBoomâ„¢<3 says:

    Yess.I got my hair cut like that a few days ago and its not a problem.If you get layers,you will have a few loose hairs but it will look okay.It’ll look great.Good Luck!:)

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