would this makeup look good on me with this dress and hairstyle?PICTURES AND LINKS!?

this is the dress

This is me:
(the 1st picture is the most make up that i wear on a daily bases)

This is the hair i was thinking about.

and this is the makeup look:

What color eye shadow?
Do you like it? if not what do you think i should do?

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4 Responses to would this makeup look good on me with this dress and hairstyle?PICTURES AND LINKS!?

  1. ash H says:

    your dress is nice but since your dress is red don’t over do your make-up.

    But don’t go for those make-ups please it wont look nice on you at all.
    your eyes are brown so use this make-up on your eyes:

    eye make-up: eyeshadow- brown, shading- green, highlights- peach/light pink, liner & mascara- dark blue or navy.

    when doing you lip go for natural color, to make your face look nice and brighter.

    your hair go with the first one, that will look nice on you
    your skin looks like your skin tone is pink(florid) so use foundation- soft beige to tone down too much red in the skin.

    when doing your liner for evening is make the eyes appear more glamorous. A line is drawn from the inner corner of the eye and is made wider over the pupil of the eye, when looking straight ahead. The line is tapered very thinly as it reaches the outer corner of the eye. A small space should be left between the upper and lower lines. This makes the eyes appear larger and brighter. For evening, some women like a collored liner such as dark green or navy.

  2. i less than three you! <3 says:

    i like it =] you should use brown eye colors, it would look good with your eyes

  3. Heather Morris says:

    Since the dress is bold, your eyes should be too. Try a little smudgy black eyeliner along your bottom lashes. Use smoky eyeshadow and use a light shimmery powder under your brows and inner creases (not too much!) Curl you lashes and use mascara. Since your eyes will be bold do a neutral color on your lips (soft pink gloss maybe) and soft pink blush. Your hair would also look good with soft curls either parted on the side or half-up.

  4. crazy4me713 says:

    well i dont really hav a thing for the make up looks buuuuuuut!

    i love the pic of u (2nd)

    go wit the second hairstyle or just keep ur hair like it was in the second pic

    i think u should play wit greens and blues

    mix em to make funky colors
    but wit that dress u should do like a dark green on ur eyelids and then like a light green above ur eyes

    good luck!!! =]

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